Querencia as an idea The word Querencia pronounced as ‘Kerencia’, originates from the Spanish word “Querer” which means ‘to desire or to want.’ It is a concept which connotes a longing for a secure place. It is often used in relation to the Spanish sport of Bullfighting where the Bull is led into an arena and made to charge at a Bullfighter (also known as a Matador). The Bullfighter is there to entertain the crowd by evading and injuring the bull, but his ultimate aim is to kill it. In this sense, the Blogger James Spurgeon wrote the following about querencia: In the midst of a fight, there is a critical moment in the pause. The balance of power can tip in favour of the one many consider to be the true hero, the bull. The Spanish call this state, ‘Querencia’. A metaphysical concept as a place of refuge and renewal. It is believed that in this state the bull can reclaim his strength and power. Ernest Hemingway in his book Death in the Afternoon wrote: “A querencia is a place the bull naturally wants to go to in the ring, a preferred locality... It is a place which develops in the course of the fight where the bull makes his home. It does not usually show at once, but develops in his brain as the fight goes on. In this place he feels that he has his back against the wall and in his querencia he is inestimably more dangerous and almost impossible to kill.” Writer and Life Coach Nancy G. Shapiro wrote, “When we begin to fragment into fear and anxiety, and like Hemingway’s bull feel our “back against the wall” — when chaos is near — actively seek out querencia. Know it is a universal right to desire such safety.” Drawing from this concept as lawyers, we have thought it necessary to create a law firm modelled after this concept to meet your legal needs and create a place of safety from the ever-evolving complex web of legal issues
Mission Statement To carve out a path that leaves nothing but trails of excellence in the adoption of technology and innovative approach in the delivery of legal services to our clients. Vision Statement To operate one of the top legal service delivery platforms that projects beyond herself and puts the needs of her clients first in the efficient and ethical delivery of legal services